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Episode Guide 👇

Idea Lab Ep. #1- How to Trap Ideas

Writing Mini-lesson with BONUS craft tutorial


After we talk about why you should start trapping ideas in the first place, I've included a bonus step-by-step tutorial for how you can make an Idea Trap out of things you may have around the house! 


You can make an idea trap with the instructions from the video or buy this 300-page Idea Trap from the shop!

Idea Lab Ep. #2- Inspiration

Writing Mini-lesson


Have you ever wondered where ideas come from? Can you do exercises to make your brain have an idea whenever you need one? Scientists are not really sure yet, but there IS evidence that you can make conditions just right so that ideas can form more easily. Find out how you can surround yourself with inspiration to get those ideas flowing!


Idea Lab Ep. #3- Idea Recipe

Writing Mini-lesson


New ideas are made up of thoughts from different parts of your brain. You can think of them like ingredients. In this episode, I'll tell you what those ingredients are and how you can mix them together to come up with new ideas of your own!

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