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Book an engaging, interactive 
Creative Writing Workshop
for your class!              

provide[s] the students with the structure needed to be successful in creating an original story with a well developed main character. Sarah's innovative ideas make the writing process fun and exciting! 

*2 LIVE virtual lessons 

*3 pre-recorded video lessons with step-by-step instructions

*Student e-workbook (print or post online)


👇 Or schedule a Virtual Author Visit. 👇 It's is as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Choose a topic below. (Click 🎬 to see a preview.)

2) Consider a paid, discounted*, or FREE option.
*Loyalty counts BIG with me! Repeat author visit hosts qualify for a 20% discount. If we have met for a visit before, email me to get your exclusive promo code before checking out. (Discount applies to author visits only; workshop is excluded, but scroll to the bottom to find out how to save big on workshops too!)

3) Choose a date on the schedule, enter payment details and click "Book Now".