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Book an engaging, interactive Creative Writing Workshop for your class!    

*2 LIVE virtual lessons 

*2 video lessons with step-by-step instructions

*Student e-workbook (print or post to your online classroom)


provide[s] the students with the structure needed to be successful in creating an original story with a well developed main character. Sarah's innovative ideas make the writing process fun and exciting!” 

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The Case of the Missing StorY!

Creative Writing Workshop - $200

Perfect for 3rd/4th grade students.

Your students will join me in imagining that they have a great idea for a character, but it's gone missing. We will work together to answer questions and follow the clues that will lead us right to our very own character story!

*2 LIVE virtual lessons with me

*3 video lessons with step-by-step instructions

*Student e-workbook (digital and printable versions)

For phYsical AND virtual classrooms, or anY combination of the two!

Through this workshop, I will guide your students through four activities, designed to enrich skill-building in idea generation, character development, story arc, and drafting. Plus, we will have time for "Ask the Author" (Q&A) + sharing!

*Workshop price is per class of up to 30 students. Additional students will require an additional curriculum fee.


If you have particular budgetary limitations, give me a shout at hello@sarahgilesbooks.com. I am happy to work with you and talk about ideas to help make the cost more manageable!