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*The full bundle requires each student to have at least intermittent access to an internet-capable device, but there are some pieces of the bundle that can be printed on paper and require no access to technology.

You can use the pieces you want and distribute them how you like, or simply direct your student families to where they can find all the resources with full instructions.

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Video Lessons + Writing Activities

Book Study Discussion ?s

Interactive Author Q&A

Via Skype or Flipgrid

*The eBook is FREE every Friday through September 18th. If you or your students miss this Friday, you can catch the FREE deal next week (or you can use the link at anytime to buy the book at it's regular price).

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eBook copy of FiTTiNG OUT: The Friendship Experiment 

Through an arrangement with the distributor, we are only able to offer the eBook for free on certain days. So, for a limited time, the eBook version of The Friendship Experiment will be FREE to download every FRIDAY* at Amazon.


You can share this download link with your students and other teachers at any time. The link goes straight to the book listing, so you can download the eBook any day, it's just that on Fridays*, you can do it for FREE! 😁 


Shareable link:

The eBook can be read on virtually any device using a free Kindle app.


*through September 18th

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In Fitting Out: The Friendship Experiment, 10-year-old Max sets out to make new friends, using the scientific method to conduct his own friendship experiment.

While testing out his hypotheses for finding new friends, Max discovers what works (and what TOTALLY doesn't!). With his scientific plan, a little bravery, and perseverance, Max finds out where he fits, just in time for the first day of school.

"... lighthearted illustrations and Max's quirky personality shine."

- Publishers Weekly

"Max's voice is believable, funny, and fresh--he sounds like he'd be a great kid to know." - Kirkus Reviews

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Video Lessons + Activities 

There are two lessons available for use with The Friendship Experiment. Each lesson begins with an 11-12 min. video which introduces the concept, includes a chapter read-aloud, and concludes with a walk-through of how to complete the activity. Each activity is available in pdf format for download/printing.

Creating Your Own ME Map (Ch.2)

The ME Map lesson is a look at internal and external character traits through the study of someone your students are already an expert on ... themselves!

Perspective (Ch.9)

This lesson is an exercise in considering others' point of view by examining a story scene through two different characters' perspectives.

What Teachers are saying about the lessons:

"All my kids LOVE the ME Map. It was a great activity! I can’t wait to see your next lesson!! ... Thanks for what you’re doing for kids" -D. Moore, Grade 2, TX

We had the pleasure of reading this book recently in our Grade 3/4 class. The kids found the message profound and interesting. They could relate to Max. The story offered the opportunity to lead discussions in mindfulness, empathy, and especially perspective. The students had a lot to say and write about when it came to the lessons learned from the story ... I would highly recommend this book as part of the social and emotional curriculum in the lower intermediate grades." -R. Harris, Grade 3/4, B.C.

Everything about our Skype and your lessons was perfect!  Setting our foundation for analyzing texts (and eventually having to do a written response ... Our discussions have taken off! - S. Swanger, Grade 4, PA

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Book Study Discussion Guide 

Questions for each chapter that your students can view or print and answer on paper, or it can be fun when used in Flipgrid!

Sample Question from Chapter 1:

Many stories follow the main character as they face a problem. A good problem includes a challenge, a time limit, and reasons why it will be tricky for the main character.

What is the challenge Max is facing?

What is the time limit?

Why is this problem especially tricky for Max?

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Interactive Q&A 

Now that your students have studied the book and completed the activities, let's get together for Q&A!

Skype in the Classroom:

Let's get together for a 15-30 minute visit where I will talk LIVE with your class about how I became a children's book author and some of my tips and tricks, like setting writing habits and banishing writer's block.


The rest of the time is for your students to ask their questions about the life of an author, books, the lessons they completed, or whatever is on their mind. I'll do my best to answer. 😉


If a LIVE visit is not possible/practical, we can connect through Flipgrid.

The way it works is that you grab my Flipgrid Q&A topic from the disco library, add it to one of your grids and then invite me to co-pilot.

Your students can go in and leave their questions in the grid. After your class has left their questions for me, I can pop back in and leave my answers.

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