Once upon a time, YOU WROTE THIS BOOK! Unleash your child's love for creative writing with this make-your-own storybook kit.


Part scavenger hunt, part skill-building, part creativity craft – all in one kit!


As a bestselling children’s book author, I have pulled together some of my best tips for writing an engaging and well-developed character story and I’m sharing them with your young writers!


Your child will work through 6 specially-designed writing activities, collecting sticker badges along the way. Then they’ll learn how to put all of the pieces together to write their very own story. Finally they’ll have the chance to polish and perfect their story and create their own durable, shelf-worthy storybook keepsake.


The kit is ideal for children 6+ who have a solid grasp of writing mechanics (letter formation, creating sentences, etc.) and are able write a story with multiple paragraphs.


Kit is constructed of high quality and durable materials. Includes an activity workbook with stickers, rough draft instructions and drafting paper, and storybook keepsake instructions and materials.

YOU WROTE THIS BOOK! Writing & Learning Activity Kit for Kids