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Make Your Own Idea Trap Kit

Make Your Own Idea Trap Kit

This is not a collection of writing prompts. It is a tool that will get your students in the practice of generating and collecting their own ideas.


The Idea Trap gets the imaginative muscles moving to unleash each student’s unique creative voice. Through manageable micro-habits, students begin to build their own writing content bank, one idea at a time.


The activity kit includes instructions for creating a printable mini-notebook that students can use to generate and trap ideas over one month. Once the idea trap is full, students follow the instructions for extracting their favorite ideas and piecing them together to write a story of their own invention.


I hear many students say that they don’t have any ideas of what to write about. I believe that they do have ideas, just not at the same time they are asked to write something. The Idea Trap trains their brains to keep ideas flowing so that the next time they want to write or are asked to write a new piece, they will have a bank of ideas to draw from.


Plus, their idea-generating muscles will be poised to continue cranking out new ideas into the future!


  • File License

    This resource is licensed for individual use. License may not be transferred or used by a different educator, friend, or colleague. 

  • File Format

    This resource will be delivered in the form of a downloadable zip file containing three documents. Files must be extracted from the zip file before using. 

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