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Read below to find out why you're here!

Hi! I'm Sarah Giles. This is my newest book: Switches & Peeps, about a robot and a cat who must learn how to share a household and the family's attention.


This book is for readers age 6-8.

3D Cover MBF.png

At Birch Books, we know that at this age, readability is key. For this book, we will be using the Lexend Deca font, which is part of a family of fonts designed to enhance and support reading proficiency. 


I want my readers to be able to focus on the story, not the shape of the letters. In this book, there are moments where the cat and robot are talking to each other and, like many other books for this age group, there is a lot of dialogue.


I thought it might be helpful if each character had their own font style so that readers wouldn’t get confused about who was speaking. Again, each font has been carefully selected to have a simple sans serif design and mostly single-story, primary-style letters. 

I am coming to YOU for your expert opinion because I want to make sure that this choice would truly help. If it would NOT help or would make the book needlessly challenging for the reader, I don't want to do it.

Please take a look at the sample, then answer the question that follows.

Thank you SO MUCH for lending me your expertise!

Please review the sample and answer the question that follows. 

After you click "submit", you'll receive an email with info. about your FREE ebooks. ✨📚

This is an excerpt from chapter 13.


Switches the robot gets sent to the garage as punishment for making a mess.

Peeps the cat feels responsible and gets herself sent to the garage too.

Click arrows to advance the pages.


Please review the sample, paying special attention to the change in fonts. 

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