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To join the team, fill in the form or click here to read more about the Kidlit Council first.


We're so excited to be partnering with you to make the kind of books that help kids LOVE to read!

Your 2 questions today are all about YOU and your prize is origami bookmarks for your class!

Step 1: Enter your info. to join


*U.S. only please

This information is only used to mail your bookmarks and will not be stored.

Step 2: Claim your prize

Step 3: Answer these 2 questions about YOU.

Which grade(s) do you teach?
For how many years have you been teaching?

Click the button to submit your answers and join the team.

I'll be in touch over email soon! Make sure to add to your contacts.


When an email contains the word "FREE" it can sometimes be marked as spam. But I like to use the word "FREE" a lot! 😁 So please make sure that your email provider knows that you want to hear from me.

Thanks for Joining the Kidlit Council! I'll be in touch soon!

Hello fearless reader-leaders! Care to join me on a 📚 mission?


I'm so grateful to have young readers willing to spend time with my stories. As a parent, author, and all-around literacy fangirl I am determined to make the most of their time.


But, I can do so much better, working together with you!


Did you know that a group of teachers helped me make key decisions to enhance the readability of Switches and Peeps for young readers?


Are you game for sharing YOUR expertise and having YOUR name acknowledged in new children's books that YOU helped make decisions for? (While racking up loads of free reading/writing swag along the way?)




By joining the Kidlit Council, you agree to share your perspective with me occasionally (usually answer 1-2 questions) and in return, you'll get:


*FREE origami bookmarks for your whole class, right now.


*New Release eBooks for FREE. 

Every. Single. Time!


*Exclusive giveaways of books, shirts, and other pro-reading merch.


*PLUS the chance for YOUR NAME to be printed in books you help with!

Membership in the Kidlit Council is completely free and you can leave at any time.

Spaces are limited (because of all the free stuff! 😁).


Questions asked of you may take 1-5 minutes to answer, but you will not be asked more than once per month and participation is voluntary. 

HERE's THE WHY: 👉  I'm passionate about making books and resources that are entertaining, yes, but that also support literacy, fluency, and a lifelong love for reading.


The purpose of the Kidlit Council is to inform decisions about things like typesetting (font), text choice, content complexity, supplemental materials, etc. to remove barriers and enhance ELA enrichment for growing readers.


Your day-to-day exposure and firsthand experience with reading education struggles and strategies are a priceless resource to this pursuit!


Will you lend your voice to the process?

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