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Creating Your Own “ME” Map

📆 Click "Book Live Q &A" to grab your spot on my calendar and then come back here and use the links below to get everything you need for an entertaining and engaging literary event for your classroom!
🤔 Can’t find a spot on the calendar that matches up with your class time? You can still use the links below to grab the lesson and worksheet, plus you can create a grid using my 'Author Q&A' Flipgrid topic, where I can co-pilot and answer questions posted by your students.

✔ It works best when your class completes the lesson and activity before we meet for Q & A.


Lesson materials and resources: 👇


Step 1 🎬: Click here to watch the video lesson with your students

Step 2 📰: Download and print the ME Map activity worksheet

Step 3 🥳: Visit time! Get excitement-building ideas and best practice tips for a great visit! 

❓ Have questions? Email:

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