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Switches and Peeps 1: Man's Best Friends
  • Switches and Peeps 1: Man's Best Friends

    Perfect for ages 6-8. 


    "A funny, sweet-natured tale about getting along despite differences. Peeps' point of view provides some wonderfully comic moments" - Kirkus Reviews

    Peeps the cat likes having the house and the family all to herself. When a shiny new houseguest arrives, Peeps is determined to prove that SHE is the best pet, not the new robot, Switches. 

    And after he accidentally smashes her precious cat fort, Peeps decides that this robot has got to go! 

    Her plan doesn't go quite as expected and her family wakes up to a GIANT mess. After being banished to the garage, Peeps wonders: could there be room in the house (and her heart) for Switches after all?

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